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Welcome to LACC!!

LACC is one of the most diverse college in the nation.  Based on the 2010 college ethnicity breakdown chart:

  • African American students = 2128 (11%)
  • Native American = 59 (<1%)
  • Asian/Pacific Is = 2286 (11%)
  • Filipino = 890 (4%)
  • Latino = 8786 (44%)
  • White = 3893 (19%)
  • Others = 1759 (9%)

As you can see from the breakdown, more Latino students love going to LACC than any other ethnicity.  White students are less than 20%, making them the second most popular student body.  Blacks and Asian students are a tie at 11%.  If the Blacks and Asian students join together, they will have a higher total than the White students, making them a majority.  Adding Black, Asian and White students together will not equal the majority Latino students.  LACC is definitely a school that is quite popular with Latino students.

Notable former LACC students

Did you know that the great Clint Eastwood, the Dirty Hairy, is an alumni of LACC.  So before there was Dirty Hairy, Clint Eastwood was just another kid, getting a degree from LACC.  I bet most did not know that Luke Skywalker graduated from LACC too.  Well he graduated as Mark Hamill though.  And guess what, God graduated from LACC!  Yep, the great Morgan Freeman is an alumni.  Morgan Freeman doesnt brag or publicly announce to the world that he’s an LACC alumni but we all know it from the graduation log. 

Fun LACC programs

Did you know that LACC offers many international programs for students that have limited English?  The programs caters to the Latino group as they are the most populous group in the college.  Currently there are free evening concerts where students can gather and have a mini party before heading back to their apartments for some real parties.  Alcohol is not something you want to consume on campus as it’s against campus rules.  But there’s no rules when you drink at home.  There’s also a Recital Hall concert on a regular basis.  It’s one of the best activity to start off an evening with a good companion.